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The notorious curling irons from now on not only do not harm the hair, but, on the contrary, provide them with beauty and health. How did they manage to correct their behavior?


Curls have become a fetish for fall shows. Models’ hair was curled by Gucci, Preen, Nina Ricci, Blumarine. Femininity is still in demand.

Marithe & Francois Girbaud

lebitso SalonCurl Ceramic HP4658 styler

Mark philips

Tse ncha ke life? Recently, most stylers have acquired a ceramic coating. It has a beneficial effect on the hair: when heated, ceramics release negative ions. They remove static electricity, so that the hair regains a healthy shine.

E lekoa The tongs are very thin, lightweight and comfortable to use. Heat up easily and create curls quickly. However, they are quite small.

Nuance Curling is best donelightly sprinkling with styling lotion. Curls are elastic, playful and last longer.


Hairdressers of Ancient Greece curled the ladies’ curls on special iron rods called “kalamis”. The slaves who mastered this skill were valued in wealthy houses and were called “kalamistra”.

lebitso Hair curler VT-2281

Mark Lesesaane

Tse ncha ke life? In addition to the ceramic coating, the tongs have a double-sided body heating, a spiral styling surface and Aqua Ceramic technology. Thanks to her, the strands warm up evenly and retain natural moisture.


View The device heats up within a couple of minutes. The hair is easily wrapped around the bar. The curls are beautiful, clear and large.

Nuance The power cord has a rotating connection, so it does not twist into “telephone coils” and does not interfere with curling your hair.

Tse ling ka sehlooho:  Maloetse a kopaneng: seo u hlokang ho se tseba ka tsona


Curl each strand for no more than 30 seconds, and then pin it with a clip. The curl should cool in a curled state. Otherwise, he will quickly straighten.


lebitso Satinstyler EC 1

Mark Braun

Tse ncha ke life? Braun has released a series of devices with hair protection and ionization technologies. Satin Protect in the styler is represented by Ceramic Care coating, which protects hair from damage. And the flow of negative Satin Ion particles prevents electrification and entanglement.


E lekoa The optimal temperature for styling can be selected with an accuracy of 5 degrees, and overheating of the curls is not threatened.

Nuance There is a separate button for the ionization mode, but how to determine whether it is on or not remains a mystery.

lebitso Hair curler with integrated ionizer EH 1771

Mark Panasonic

Tse ncha ke life? Built-in ionizer located outside the housing. Due to this design, the particles do not have time to heat up in the high-temperature air flow and remain highly active. Hair gets excellent care.

E lekoa The device has two temperature settings, so it is not necessary to curl your hair at 130 degrees.

Nuance Small curls cannot be achieved (the diameter of the rod is 26 mm), the curls are large, natural. But not tight enough.

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